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How to Cope with 3 Common Caregiver Frustrations

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Caring for your parents or another loved one can offer rewards beyond what you can imagine. But that doesn’t mean your caregiving life remains free from frustrations that range from large to small. You may at times find yourself feeling irritated with your loved one or resentful of family members who refuse to help you. If you have these feelings, you’re not alone. The following quotes are from real family caregivers in the Alzheimer’s community. Hear what they have to say about their caregiving frustrations, and try some of the suggested solutions.


“I have 2 siblings who live in the area and two out of state. My mother has lived with me going on 3 years. Not once has either local sibling offered to take mom out, take her to supper, or take her for the weekend. They begrudgingly take her when I ask months in advance.”

“I have three other siblings that do not care to help with her care. I work full time and have a daughter graduating high school this year. I try to show my daughter patience and care in taking care of mom but it isn't easy.”

Solutions to try:


“My mom has been at my house for 3 weeks now and at times has forgotten who I was and she cries most of the day. How do I cope with the daily changing of her personality without losing my mind?”

“Mom also has been crying a lot at night lately. She says she misses her mother and a baby she lost (at 3 months old) back in the 60's. I don't know how to handle her when this happens. Mom cried for 40 minutes the other night.”

Solutions to try:


“I have the challenge of getting my mom to shower. She is wheelchair bound but can transfer to a chair we have in the shower. She wants only sponge baths, and it is the topic of disagreement often. She has some minor dementia. Help!”

“What do I find most frustrating? So many situations to choose from...let's see. I think it is the showering/bathing. She gives us lip service EVERY TIME!!! She says, ‘I’m not dirty,’ ‘I just did this today,’ or ‘I know what u r up to?’ And she wants to wear her depends and slippers in. It is such a struggle.”

Solutions to try:

What are your best tips and tricks for helping to overcome these common caregiving issues? Please share your solutions in the comments section below!

Last revised: August 11, 2014

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Thoughts and stories from others
  1. February 3, 2016 at 5:06 pm | Posted by Jenny

    My heart goes out to all of you! I have been a private in home care giver for the past 25 years.I go into the home and not only help with a loved one but also help the family who has been the sole caregiver.I help with all the things that overwhelm them cooking laundry groc shop bath and do hair care nail care dispence meds all the things the cannot do.The biggest reward I get is the companionship and getting to know them.pleasing them and finding out their likes and dislikes.I also keep a daily journal of how the day or night went for the family.I love my job I have been with 3 people who I've been with to their end of live.I believe the good Lord put them all in my life for a reason and I have been truly blessed! God bless you and your loved one! Sometimes it takes outside help! And that's OK too you need to take care of yourself and your life too! Just some thoughts I thought I'd share


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