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Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease

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Caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer's disease often requires a great deal of time and patience, and it can cause great stress to the caregiver.

Both illnesses lead to symptoms of serious changes in memory, personality and behavior. For some it often ends up with the afflicted needing total care, 24 hours per day. This can be emotionally and physically demanding for a family caregiver, a grown child taking care of her/his parent, or a spouse caring for his/her lifelong partner.

Understanding these conditions can help. In addition to learning more about your loved one's disease through the resources here at, you can take advantage of free family caregiver Alzheimer's training opportunities at, which include an interactive Alzheimer's e-learning course, and in-person training classes. The unique approach to care that you'll learn through these training opportunities is based on the Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementia CARE: Changing Aging Through Research and EducationSM Training program that professional Home Instead CAREGivers receive.

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Engaging an Alzheimer's Patient: Managing Family Care for Alzheimer's Patients (3 of 6)

Research tells us that by keeping our loved one engaged through physical, mental and social activities, we can create positive experiences that diminish this distress and deter unwanted behaviors.

Safe home for Alzheimer's patient

Home Safety Considerations for Families Living with Alzheimer’s

If you are part of a family living with Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to remember that one of the keys to aging at home is doing so safely. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease does not have to signal the loss of independence and freedom.

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Managing Alzheimer's Patient Behavior: Managing Family Care for Alzheimer's Patients (4 of 6)

Alzheimer's disease and other dementias affect the way seniors think and feel and subsequently how they behave. The behaviors that need to be managed are ones that put you or your loved one's physical and emotional well being at risk.

Multigenerational family portrait.

How to Help Your Kids Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

It’s hard enough for you to witness and accept Mom or Dad’s strange behaviors brought on by Alzheimer’s disease, let alone help your children understand why the loving grandparents they once knew now act differently.

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Keeping Alzheimer's Patients Safe: Managing Family Care for Alzheimer's Patients (5 of 6)

Being aware of the dangers Alzheimer's sufferers face and taking preventive action can reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

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Staying Healthy as an Alzheimer's Caregiver: Managing Family Care for Alzheimer's Patients (6 of 6)

By practicing a combination of good self-care, staying connected with others, and employing relaxation techniques, you can go the distance as a care giver with less stress and more enjoyment.

Statin pills

Discuss Statin Safety Label Changes With Your Senior’s Doctor

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a caution that statins may be associated with cognitive problems and memory loss. So how do you and your senior loved one react? The best approach might be to call your senior’s doctor.

Home Instead Senior CAREGiver helps a man with Alzheimer's prepare a meal.

Home Care an Integral Part of the Care Continuum for Seniors With Dementia

The first ray of morning sunshine peeks through the curtain and grazes the edge of the bed to gently say "time to wake up." Birds sing from the tree branches right outside the large window looking out on the yard where the kids loved to run and play. A photo collage hangs on the wall beside the nightstand, testifying to a lifetime of memories.

How to Cope with 3 Common Caregiver Frustrations

Grant Program Delivers Alzheimer’s Care to Families in Need

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