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Let the Good Times Roll

Let’s face it: the good times can be fewer and further between as our loved ones grow older. Life isn’t always a party after friends and spouses pass away. Simply getting from point A to B can be a challenge. It has come to that for Dad.

Romance or Friendship? At 91, it’s both

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the young. Romance and friendship both play important roles when it comes to senior companionship.

Lessons from Paradise

The notion of working or volunteering to age 80 and beyond is no joke.

The Glory Days

Our parents certainly were not glory hounds. But I’ve discovered that remembering, celebrating and even memorializing their big life events is, well, a big deal for them. Who doesn’t love going back to a time when life was a little sweeter and better, at least in our memories? My mother-in-law’s glory days were her 35…

Surrounded by Loneliness

I remember asking my grandmother if she was lonely. She had been a widow for several years and was living alone in her home. I knew she didn’t get many visitors, and I worried that her golden years had lost some of their sparkle. She told me that she was lonely at times, but she…

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