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I Feel Pampered

A family caregiver finds both her and her senior mother’s lives can be improved by hiring a caregiver to help.

Feeling taken advantage of?

Question: I recently quit my job and moved in to care for my elderly grandparents after they asked me to. I have two uncles and a father who do nothing but take her money. I am a single mother of four and my grandmother only puts gas in my car. How do I explain to…

Desperately needing a break!

Question: My Dad passed away 13 years ago. My mother has been living with my husband and me ever since Daddy passed away. I am an only child so there are no siblings to help me. My husband's family lives about five and a half hours away in South Georgia. We do not get to…

I think hoarding is killing my father-in-law

Question: My in-laws are hoarders. They will never admit it but their house, garage, two sheds, two vehicles, 18 wheeler trailer and second family home are stuffed. My father in-law has battled cancer, had a hip replacement, pacemaker and most recently a medical grade staph infection. After being hospitalized for several months with the staph…

How long can you stay in a wet diaper?

Question: I am taking care of a lady who is 82 years old. She has dry mouth and is always coughing. She has dementia, wears pampers, cannot walk anymore, and she is wet all night long until I get to her house at 8:00 a.m. Is that a reason for her coughing? She does not…

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