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Feeling taken advantage of?

Question: I recently quit my job and moved in to care for my elderly grandparents after they asked me to. I have two uncles and a father who do nothing but take her money. I am a single mother of four and my grandmother only puts gas in my car. How do I explain to…

Housing and home care options needed!

Question: My husband has been disabled for six years—since the age of 43. I work 20 hours a week and have been able to keep our home. He is declining and when I work he is alone for several hours at a time. His insurance will not cover a companion and I cannot afford to…

When is the right time?

Question: My Dad is caring for my mother who has Alzheimer's. She is no longer confident leaving the house or cooking. My father runs most of the daily errands and cooks most of the food. I visit once a week and usually stay over at least one night. We have begun to make them casseroles and…

Dealing with unfairness

Question: How do I cope with feeling that my client is being unfair with the hours she divides between three caregivers? I feel it is unfair for me to have to work overtime and one of the other caregivers gets her hours handed to her free! How can I deal with this stress? I feel…

Planning for the Future

Chelsea in Santa Barbara is concerned that her "free spirit" parents haven't properly planed for their future. Mary Maxwell has some advice for Chelsea, and as always, she delivers it in a way only Mary could!    

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