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National Association of Professional Organizers |
Find a professional organizer near you.

National Association of Senior Move Managers |
For assistance helping older adults and their families downsize, relocate or modify their homes.

National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization |
For various resources on combating clutter. This non-profit organization features fact sheets, a clutter-hoarding scale for professional organizers to help assess their clients, and a questionnaire to determine if someone is a chronic disorganizer. Chronic disorganization is defined by the group as ongoing (chronic), interfering with the ability to get things done or with relationships, and a history of failed self help.

Vickie Dellaquila | [email protected]
Certified professional organizer and author of Don't Toss My Memories in the Trash.

University of New Mexico Researcher Dr. Catherine Roster | [email protected]
Dr. Roster is a clutter researcher who serves as research director for The National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. She is currently working on a clutter self-assessment tool that will help clutter collectors get to the root of their issues.

University of Kansas Professor Dr. David Ekerdt | [email protected]
Dr. Ekerdt is coordinating a "household moves" project to determine the role that possessions play in older people's housing decisions.

Katherine "Kit" Anderson, CPO-CD | [email protected]
President of the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization.

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Download this list, Additional Resources for Senior Hoarding Issues (PDF 82K)

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  1. August 26, 2018 at 2:19 pm | Posted by Annie Fleming

    I'm a Home care worker I have a client that's a hoarder the house he live in his and the things he have in his house need to be thrown out it's clutter with box's, old mail, clothes it looks like it have been clean for some years, the building looks a banding on the outside and the inside look alike is just a lot of dust from the basement up stairs to the second floor look like somebody start to work on the building and stop it's just look like it's abandoned building, upstairs and downstairs it's it's a mess the smell is horrible like a old rusted smell it's.I'm trying to see if anyone can give me some information on where I can this person some help, I don't know if he own the building or renting. Please contact me this person really needs some help, I know it's a lot of different services for seniors citizen, I need to find the one that can this person.


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