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Aging Issues

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There's no escaping aging and with that comes a variety of issues that could wreak havoc in the lives of older adults. The conditions of aging can prompt seniors to begin exhibiting unusual behavior such as hoarding. So many older adults are alone and that may lead to depression, loneliness and fears at night. Loss of abilities often leaves seniors struggling to maintain their independence such as continuing to driving and live on their own.

If you are looking out for the best interests of a senior loved one, you may be dealing with the many issues of aging that older adults often can't escape. That's why resources and assistance are so important for the families of aging adults.

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Clothing for Seniors Should Be Stylish and Accessible

There’s no reason why seniors who are facing challenges of aging shouldn’t continue to dress stylishly.

Do Older People Really Smell Different? Here’s What You Need to Know About Nonenal

Do older people smell different? Scientists and studies explain what nonenal is and how chronic disease can contribute to scent. Regardless of what causes scents around seniors and their homes, there are ways to keep older adults and their houses smelling fresh.

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Physical Symptoms and Emotional/Mental Changes to Look for: Caring for the Entire Senior-Mind, Body and Soul (1 of 5)

What constitutes frailty, and how it can be prevented, or even reversed?

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Physical Symptoms & Emotional / Mental Changes to Look for (Caring for the Entire Senior - Part 2 of 5)

Recognizing the physical and emotional signs of aging doesn't take a lot of time. Learn to ask questions to make sure your loved one stays healthy.

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Loss of Attention Signals and Environmental Clues: Caring for the Entire Senior-Mind, Body and Soul (3 of 5)

Loss of attention signals & environmental clues may show your senior loved one is suffering the effects of aging.

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Fears of Aging and Frailty: Caring for the Entire Senior-Mind, Body and Soul (4 of 5)

Many of the fears that aging adults experience relate to the biggest challenges they say they face, and that means staying active.

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Helping Seniors Stay Strong: Caring of the Entire Senior-Mind, Body and Soul (5 of 5)

Keeping an older adult's mind, body & social life active can prevent or reverse frailty. As a caregiver you can help them find activities to help.

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