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Aging Issues

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There's no escaping aging and with that comes a variety of issues that could wreak havoc in the lives of older adults. The conditions of aging can prompt seniors to begin exhibiting unusual behavior such as hoarding. So many older adults are alone and that may lead to depression, loneliness and fears at night. Loss of abilities often leaves seniors struggling to maintain their independence such as continuing to driving and live on their own.

If you are looking out for the best interests of a senior loved one, you may be dealing with the many issues of aging that older adults often can't escape. That's why resources and assistance are so important for the families of aging adults.

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Hoarding clothes

Senior Hoarding Issues

You enter your dad's home and can't believe the stacks of stuff that have accumulated on every flat surface: piles of newspapers and mail everywhere, the medicine cabinet overflowing with 10 years worth of hair spray (despite his being bald), heaps of dirty laundry on the bed so there is no place for him to sleep. You wonder how it got this bad. Learn steps you can take to recognize and help de-clutter your senior's life.

10 Reasons Seniors Hang On To Stuff

Taking the approach, just throw the junk out, does not take the senior's situation into mind. It does not address the real reasons behind why seniors want to hold on to items. This list of ten reasons will help you approach the subject of clutter in a more diplomatic matter.

If Your Senior Won't Let Go...

Getting rid of stuff is actually a two-step process: sorting and deciding, on the one hand, and disposing on the other. That's according to University of Kansas Professor Dr. David Ekerdt, who is coordinating a "household moves" project to determine the role that possessions play in older people's housing decisions. But convincing seniors can be a challenge.

A Caregiver's Guide to Spot Clutter Creep

Identify the Home's Clutter Zones.

Additional Resources

A variety of online resources on combating clutter, including websites to get seniors off junk mail lists.

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Senior Cognitive Issues (1 of 4)

In this video series, certified senior advisor Mary Alexander from Home Instead talks about dealing with senior cognitive issues.

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Definition and Symptoms: Senior Cognitive Issues (2 of 4)

In this video, "Definition and Symptoms," certified senior advisor Mary Alexander from Home Instead talks about what types of cognitive problems there are and describes some of their symptoms.

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Problems and Causes: Senior Cognitive Issues (3 of 4)

In this video, "Problems and Causes," certified senior advisor Mary Alexander from Home Instead talks about problems and causes that can lead to cognitive disfunction or impairment.

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Coping with Cognitive Problems: Senior Cognitive Issues (4 of 4)

In this video, "Coping with Cognitive Problems," certified senior advisor Mary Alexander from Home Instead talks about coping mechanisms and how to help a loved one who is suffering from cognitive disfunction or impairment.

Senior and caregiver looking at photos

A Senior Is Committed to Keeping Memories in the Forefront

Many seniors discover that their memory starts to fade as they get older. While memory impairment is associated with aging, there are ways to keep the mind strong as well as to improve the memory.

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