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70-40 Rule®: Communication Assessment Results

Congratulate yourself on doing many things right.

However, your score would indicate that you are still encountering roadblocks in your relationship. When you're talking with your adult child, always try to move toward solutions that provide you with the maximum amount of independence.

Even if you disagree with 90 percent of what someone is saying, don't forget to point out where you do agree: common ground is a good starting point for resolving problems. Talking about where you agree also demonstrates that you've listened carefully to what the other person is saying.

Look for the places and times in which you are most effective in getting what you need out of conversations; plan to have important conversations at those places and times. If you're more on your toes in the mornings, then arrange for meetings at that time so that you're likely to get the most out of them.

University of Arizona Communication Expert Jake Harwood advises that talking about important issues sooner rather than later is important. If you know your loved one has poor eyesight or has trouble driving at night, begin to address those issues before a problem arises. The "70-40 Rule®" section of this Web site can provide information to help you with your particular situation.

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