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40-70 Rule: Communication Assessment Results


Your test score indicates that you have a healthy conversational relationship with your adult parent. To keep things that way, remember to address issues with your mom or dad sooner, rather than later, when they can become a crisis. If you know your parent is suffering from dementia that appears to be worsening, think about what he or she will need to maintain the most independence as the condition progresses.

Always observe and gather information carefully and thoughtfully. Don't reach a conclusion from a single observation and decide on the best solution until you have gathered information with an open mind and talked with your parent. Always make the most of your parent's independence by looking for ways to capitalize on strengths and compensate for problems.

University of Arizona Communication Expert Jake Harwood advises that talking about important issues sooner rather than later is important. But it’s only the first step. Making decisions, identifying choices and conveying wishes are an essential part of the road ahead. The 40-70 Rule®: An Action Plan for Successful AgingSM (US or Canada) provides expert advice to help start the necessary conversations about aging and put a plan into action.

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