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Finding it hard to get the right mix of medication for my husband


Question: I am caregiver for husband who had strokes 15 years ago. He recently had mild seizures caused by scar tissue in his brain. We're trying to find a balance with his new meds. He says he feels better but has dizzy spells and  his restless leg syndrome is worse. He is taking 13 different drugs. Does anyone have experience similar to this?

Dr. Amy: I am glad you are trying to find the right balance with your husbands medication and hope you are working with one doctor who has visibility to everything he is taking. Complications can arise when several doctors are prescribing no one sees the big picture and possible drug interactions. Finding the right balance of meds can sometimes be tricky—and it can also take time. Hang in there and don't be shy to ask questions. Very often, people feel hesitant about asking the doctor questions. But it's the best thing you can do if things do not improve or you have concerns.

Let's see if other readers have experiences similar to yours, which might be of help.

Fifteen years is a long time to be a caregiver. I hope you are taking good care of yourself at the same time. Just as your husband needs the right mix of medication, you need to  have the right mix of caregiving, caregiver support, and personal time to recharge your batteries.

Best of luck!

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