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Asking Mom to Stop Drinking Wine


Jim from Florida is looking for advice on how to ask his mom to stop having her occasional glasses of wine now that she has to use a cane to walk around.

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Asking Mom to Stop Drinking

Mary Maxwell, Posted November 11, 2013

Jim from Florida "Our mom has always enjoyed a glass of wine or two in the evening. We’ve never thought twice about it until recently. She has begun to use a cane, and is not as steady on her feet as she once was. Now, you can imagine how that unsteadiness might increase after a couple glasses of wine. How can we convince her to give up her wine?"

Excuse me. Give up her wine? Are you crazy? Whoa! Let’s give that some thought. The operative word here is “enjoyed.” I say put a seat belt on her favorite chair and just have her buckle up while she knocks back the chardonnay. If she is like me and my friends, she’ll nod off and by the time she wakes up, she’ll be steady as can be….and very relaxed.

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  1. November 23, 2013 at 12:13 pm | Posted by chris

    I like your site... Yes I agree with you.. A person can enjoy a couple glasses of wine and there is nothing wrong with that unless it becomes a problem and she would start getting drunk. If some one does, then they need help.


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