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Help my daughter get healthy?


Gladys from Odessa, TX has maintained a healthy lifestyle well into her 80's but her daughter is over-weight and refuses to eat well and exercise.

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Staying fit and active also can seem like a difficult goal for many seniors and caregivers who are unable to do what they once did. Visit our Fitness and Nutrition Section for helpful hints and guides.

Help my daughter get healthy

-Mary Maxwell, Posted July 25,2013

Oh, Mary! I sure hope you can help. You seem like a lady who has taken care of herself. I’m now in my eightieth year. I have taken to daily exercise, I continue to eat healthy foods, and I avoid liquor. My daughter on the other hand has not followed in my footsteps. She is severely overweight and refuses to do anything about it. I try to help her by sending home veggies when she visits, or suggesting a good meal when we eat out, but she doesn’t want to hear it. I even suggested she come to my water aerobics class with me. She just won’t budge. I’m terrified she will die, how can I get her to get healthy?

Water aerobics...seriously...and no liquor. My,my, my Gladys, you are a wonder. The answer to how you can get your daughter to be healthy can’t. Unless you can afford to bribe her to be healthier with a signifi- cant amount of money, it has to be her idea. And I have a terrible feeling that, since she is probably in her 50’s or even her 60’s, she stopped trying to measure up to her practically perfect mother a long time ago.
But, maybe you could try this. When you go out to eat with your daughter, why don’t you take turns deciding on the menu? One week she can eat what you like and the next week you can go crazy and eat a double cheese- burger, a large order of fries and a 32 oz chocolate malt. I don’t think it will kill you. At least I hope not. That’s what I had for lunch.

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