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When Mother's Day Isn't Happy


Children are elbow deep in macaroni and glue and husbands are flocking to jewelry stores and the local card store hoping to choose the perfect gift for this second Sunday in May. It’s an annual tradition when moms receive their rightful honor. But for many, this particular Sunday is filled with more heartbreak than joy.

It’s the first year that Mom doesn't know who you are. You revert back to the child who spent hours making the perfect card, and your heart so desperately wants to see her eyes light up when you hand it to her. Your shoulders can almost feel her arms that will never again wildly wrap around you. Instead you weep on the inside as you frantically try to hold onto everything that is Mom.

This is another year without Mom. As you stand at her grave, you wonder if she knows how much you miss her. Even though she relied upon you so much at the end, does she know how much you really depended on her too? You continue the tradition of bringing her flowers on Mother’s Day, but for the last few years you've had to leave them on ground along with a small piece of your heart.

As your own children celebrate you on this day of honor, you fake the smiles and joy. They are left behind in the sadness of your own mother. You try not to think about her. You look at your wonderful children and grandchildren, but somehow your thoughts always go back to Mom. And your heart fills with sadness.

For all of you missing your mom, especially this weekend on Mother’s Day, I know there are no words of comfort. You are missing your comforter, your friend, your hero, your mom.

But, I have a feeling that she knows. She knows how much you loved her, even though you think you didn't say it enough. She knows she was a great mother, because she watched you mother and she was awestruck when she saw herself in you. She knows you miss her because she misses you too. She knows your heart is aching and is sad she can’t be there to make it better.

It doesn't matter how old we may grow, how wise we become, or how many children we bare ourselves. We always need our mothers. There is no replacement for Mom, and certainly no cure for the heartbreak that comes with losing her. So I understand if there is little joy or fanfare in your Mother’s Day this year. I just hope that you can find a little bit more peace each time you think of Mom, and each time the calendar turns to the second Sunday in May.

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Thoughts and stories from others
  1. August 8, 2013 at 5:45 pm | Posted by Linda Miller

    She can't help it...Enjoy her while she's on this earth!


  2. August 7, 2013 at 10:22 pm | Posted by Rebecca

    I wish more was said about when Mother's Day is unpleasant because your mother is still alive and she's using the day as an excuse to be difficult.


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