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Mom needs to be evaluated for dementia but won't cooperate


Question: My mother is showing beginning signs of dementia. The problem is my dad is being treated for cancer and neither my sister nor I live in the same town as my parents. My dad has asked us to try and get my mom in for evaluation with a new doctor but my mom refuses to cooperate. How do you approach an issue with a parent that is showing signs of mental decline?

Dr. Amy: This sounds like a stressful situation all around. I’m sure your dad’s brush with cancer has been upsetting. If your mom is his primary caregiver and is showing signs of cognitive impairment, that’s another emotional shock for everyone—and one that is going to require some planning and adjustments.

Are you or your sister able to go home for a long weekend? That way, you can see firsthand how your mom is doing—over a few days—and talk face to face. You could start by sharing what you have observed and asking what she thinks is going on. Offer specific observations, delivered calmly and in a loving tone. If you mom agrees that there is a problem, you can then ask her what she thinks needs to be done. If she doesn't bring up the idea of going for a thorough assessment, you can speak to the advantages of being prepared and taking action early. This is in her best interests and your father’s. You might reassure her and say that it might be nothing, but better to be safe and know for sure.

If this doesn't work, try speaking directly about your own feelings. I find that, very often, people will do something they don’t want to do out of love for the person making the request.

I encourage you to read The 40/70 Rule, published by Home Instead. This wonderful resource contains scenarios and responses based on real-life experiences. Communication expert and author Jake Harwood, Ph.D., from the University of Arizona helped develop the content, and I think you may find it useful.

Don’t give up. Try a variety of approaches with your mom. It sounds like she needs to be assessed, both for her sake and for your dad’s. Good luck!

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Thoughts and stories from others
  1. September 22, 2013 at 1:09 am | Posted by Sheila

    When my husband needed an evaluation, I told was him I made him a doctor's appointment for a checkup. He fought me at first, but he finally gave in when I told him I was worried about him. The hardest struggle I had was when he had to take a driving test to see if he needed to give up driving. He was really angry, but I had to do it for his safety and the safety of other drivers on the road.


  2. May 3, 2013 at 2:49 pm | Posted by Mary

    Mom loves mcdonalds ice cream, so when is doctors visits i tell her we're going for a drive to the doctors and then we will be getting ice cream, so she excited and that works for me.


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