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Pesky Throw Rugs


Carol is concerned now that her father is using a walker he will trip on a throw rug but her parents refuse to take advice from her. Mary offers a humorous advice to get their attention.

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Pesky Throw Rugs

Mary Maxwell, Posted February 9, 2013

Carol from Flint asks, “I’m hoping you can help me solve a problem I’m having with my parents. They are both getting up there in years, and my dad has recently begun using a walker due to balance issues. When I was there last weekend, I noticed he kept getting hung up on the rugs my mother has placed all over the house. When I suggested that we remove the rugs, my mother refused. She loves them, and my dad insists they aren’t an issue. But they are an issue, and honestly, I would like to do some other work at their house to make it easier for them, but every time I mention anything, they shut me down. How can I get them to see the light?”

Carol, thanks for writing. Those throw rugs can be menacing little devils. I’ve had two attack me just this week. I understand that your parents are defending their independence when they reject attempts to restructure their surroundings. So…. What if you managed to snag a heel in one of the rugs and fell to the floor? What if that happened twice? Would your parents maybe then feel that they needed to get rid of the rugs in order to save your life? If it’s about you, maybe they won’t feel so threatened. Of course, this will only work if you have good insurance coverage because you’re probably going to sprain an ankle at the very least. You will have to weigh whether a sprained ankle trumps a parent’s broken hip.

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