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Can Retirement be Exciting and Fulfilling


Ann is spending a lot of her time on the computer since she has retired and is looking for something exciting and fulfilling?

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Can retirement be exciting and more fulfilling?

Mary Maxwell, Posted February 15, 2013

Ann from Glendale, AZ writes “I’ve watched all of your videos, and you’re a funny lady. I watch a lot of things on the computer because I’m just so bored. I’ve been retired for seven years now, and I have nothing to do. I’ve thought about finding a club to join or somewhere to volunteer, but I’m just not sure. After all, I retired for a reason. I’m just not sure what that reason is now. What do you think? Is there some way retirement could be more exciting, or at least a little more fulfilling?”

Having nothing to do is such a foreign notion to most people, it’s hare to grasp the thought. I’m sure you retired with the idea that retirement would give you the freedom to do anything or nothing. Now you now that doing nothing isn’t much fun. ….I guess.
You know what? When he retired, my husband started to go to a gym. Before you knew it, he had an army of friends there. Pretty soon they formed a lunch group, some them went on trips together and my husband lost 30 pounds. I’m not suggesting that you need to lose 30 pounds, but sitting at the computer for 7 years probably hasn’t done you a lot of good.

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