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Getting to Book Club on Time


Punctuality is important to Louise, yet her daughter who drives her is usually tardy. Mary offers some advice on promptness, but suggests Louise consider how lucky she is.

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Senior driving is an individual issue, so make sure to take any concerns that your senior loved or their doctor is expressing seriously. Have a candid discussion with your senior and make it a point to ride with them to see how they're doing.

Get to Book Club On Time

-Mary Maxwell, Posted September 18,2012

Louise in Ithica has this on her mind: "I rely on my daughter to drive me to my weekly book club at various friends' houses. I've always been a very punctual person and it pains me to be late to anything. However, my daughter is more of a free spirit and tends to run late. I'd like to tell her to be on time for me, but she is doing me a great favor. How can I tell her without sounding demanding or ungrateful?"

Well, first of all, Louise, wow. I've never heard of a weekly book club before. My book club is doing good to meet once a month. You must have some serious readers among the members and a really impressive supply of books. As to what you can do about your daughter's promptness issues, I really don't have a clue. I also don't know if she's getting you there 5 minutes late or an hour late or if anyone
else is ever late. There is always the time-honored ploy of telling her that the time of the meetings has been moved to an hour earlier. But consider this: the rest of the book club is more than likely wildly jealous of you for having a daughter who is so devoted that she is willing to get you to and fro the meeting every single week. I loved my mother but I'm not sure I would've been so devoted. Just relax and count your blessings.

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