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Entertain the Grandkids


Allison needs some ideas to peel her grandchildren away from the television when they visit. Mary has a surefire way to keep the television off.

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Staying socially active is very important to the health and well-being of seniors no matter what their circumstance. Read more in our Social Life & Activities section.

Entertain the Grandkids

Mary Maxwell, Posted August 7,2012

From Allison in Missouri comes this: "Hello, Mary. I get a hoot out of your series and I think we'd be great friends if we lived closer to each other. Anyway, I'm writing to ask advice on how to deal with my grandkids. When they visit my husband and me, all they want to do is watch television. I know they love us, but they don't get cable at home so they're very drawn to it at our house. I've tried to include them in the activities that I like but of course, they aren't interested. I just can't compete with all the reality TV shows they watch. What are some alternative activities that would peel them away from the TV?"

Hi, Alison. Well, my first response is, exactly how many cable channels do you have and exactly how far away do you live? Seriously, your grandkids are not the only grandkids who do this. You have established that they just aren't interested in your enthusiasms, which I would guess are things like knitting, reading and/or gardening. And to be honest, you give a child of a certain age a knitting needle,
and you have effectively created an armed assailant. I think you should think about creating an outdoor entertainment area in the backyard, with an in-ground pool and a waterslide, maybe a skateboard minipark, and a large barbecue area next to the poolside bar. The grandkids will love it—┬Žand I can be there by Thursday.

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  1. October 13, 2012 at 8:43 pm | Posted by Gayle Meacham

    I've just discovered this program, and I love it. Thank you so much for making people aware of seniors, and helping people laugh at themselves.


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