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Recovering a Loaned Brownie Dish


Dianne brought brownies to her new neighbors and never received the dish back. Mary offers a simple way to get the brownie dish back to the rightful cupboard.

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Recovering a Loaned Brownie Dish

-Mary Maxwell, Posted June 25,2012

Diane in Burlington writes, "Dear Mary, when our new neighbors moved in 3 months ago, I brought over a pan of brownies to welcome them. They are a younger couple with 2 teenagers and they seem very nice, although a bit distracted. I told the wife that she could just return the dish when they were done. Well, it's been 3 months and I haven't yet received my dish back. My name is on the dish so she
knows it belongs to me. Should I go over and ask for it back or would that be tacky?"

Thanks for writing, Diane. My first thought was, 'of course they seemed a bit distracted'--they had just moved and they have two teenagers. I remember when I made a pan of brownies for new neighbors who moved in up the hill from us. I'm afraid the brownies were a little tough to chew, but they were perfect for blocking the wheels when they had to park one of the cars out on the street. It was the first time anyone was ever grateful for my brownies. But I digress. It is not tacky to ask for your dish back. Your neighbor probably forgot all about it and stuck it in a cupboard when she was unpacking. I would just tell her that you started to bake some brownies and realized that she still had the dish you liked to bake them in and would she mind returning it. Hopefully she'll find it and return it. It might take a couple of days. I found my mother-in-law's bundt cake pan in my cupboard last week. I borrowed it in 1973.

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    I really enjoy the videos.. Keep them coming!


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    I love these videos..keep them coming!


  4. September 10, 2012 at 4:33 pm | Posted by Deborah

    I have never heard of this lady Mary until today when I was doing some research for a company I have an interview with for a position I hope to get. Mary videos are apart of this companys news letter which I think is fabulous. Laughter is definitly great for our souls. I first watch one of her video about sibbling fighting over our belongings, her suggestions were great. This video is a great one as well and Mary just a reminder if you have teenagers and the dish isn't in the cupboard you might want to look under there beds. I remember when my kids were teenagers lol. God Bless


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    Love to Laugh!


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    Thank you for brightening my day!


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