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Cooking Skills


A senior in Fresno is upset that her children no longer want to eat her cooking. Mary offers some humorous insight into why this new disgruntled dietary phase may have started.

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Variety is truly the spice of life. To keep their daily menus interesting, and healthy, seniors will want to mix up their food choices—particularly within each food group—every day. Check out a variety of recipes in Making Food Interesting.

Cooking Skills

Mary Maxwell, Posted March 19, 2012

This question comes to us from Margie in Fresno: "Dear Mary, I've always cooked and my family has always seemed to enjoy it. I have several recipes that my children have asked for over and over. Once, my daughter-in-law even asked if I could show her how I make my spaghetti sauce. Well, it seems lately that the tides have turned. Whenever I invite my children over for dinner, they suggest that we meet at a restaurant instead. They have even suggested that they bring dinner to my house. I am not sure why there has been such a sudden change. Can you give me any advice?"

Margie, for anyone with my cooking skills, a restaurant is always a good choice. But I see a couple of possibilities here. I think your children think it's time they did the heavy lifting. They don't want you to have to do all the work it takes to entertain them. Or possibly, they have looked in your refrigerator and noticed that

  1. you had a number of expiration date misdemeanors
  2. there was a very suspicious odor coming from the vegetable drawer, or
  3. your explanation of why the phone book is in the freezer fell short of their comfort level.

I think you should accept their offers to eat in restaurants. It relieves everyone of the workload and it
occurs to me that it just might save your life.

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