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Remembering Together


Memory is a funny thing even in the young and healthy. I find it remarkable what the brain decides to hold onto, and what it decides to tuck away deep inside. My sister and I grew up sharing nearly every experience, but the experiences we recall are very different.

Over the past week, we had the chance to talk, laugh, cry, and reminisce the days gone by. Since we live 1400 miles apart, we don't often get this opportunity; in fact we haven't traveled together without husbands and kids in the last fifteen years. Sure we talk on the phone several times a week, but there is something special about being together.

When we are together, the memories flow more freely, and the distractions are much fewer. I can multi-task when I talk to my sister on the phone, but when we are together, she gets 100% of my attention. When I can see her face, I remember experiences I haven't thoughts about in years.

My sister told stories this past week that I had completely forgotten about. The time the airline lost my luggage in Spain, the time I lost her husband's wedding ring twenty minutes before the wedding, and times we stood in line all day for concert tickets brought pictures flooding back to my mind.

I'm not sure why we remember different things, but I'm thankful we have each other to help make the picture of our lives complete. We made sure we took lots of pictures and video during this trip so we can look back and remember for years to come. We also made a pact to get away together every-other year – fifteen years is too long.

I hope you all have opportunities to get together and reminisce. There is something very special, something soothing to the soul when we share these stories. The stories we tell are more than just words and memories, they make us who we are and they shape our lives.

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