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Moving to the Beach


Susan wants to move to the beach, but her husband wants to stay near family. Mary gives a little reality to Susan’s plan and offers a suggestion the couple may not have thought about.

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Inter-generational vacations, like a trip to the beach, can be fun for the entire family. But you'll want to plan ahead, and you may need support if an older adult is traveling with you.

Moving to the Beach

-Mary Maxwell, Posted Janurary 23, 2012

Susan from Topeka writes, "Dear Mary, my husband and I always talked about moving to the beach when we retired. We have both been retired for about 7 years and he keeps making excuses why we can't move. We are both healthy and our finances are secure so most of his
reasons revolve around moving away from the children and grandchildren. How can I get my husband back on board with our dream?"

Well, Susan I kind of got stuck on that part about your finances being secure. As my husband and I watch our IRA disappear into the cloud zone, it's heartening to hear from someone who's not Mapquesting a route to the nearest homeless shelter. Now about the beach. Seriously? Do you plan to be out on the beach? Do you have a 7-piece bathing suit and a hat and a quilt? Will your beach home be near freshwater or saltwater? If it's saltwater, I have to ask you, Susan, is your skin not dry enough already? Do you really want to add saltwater to the mix? I guess I'm on your husband's side. I like be near our children and grandchildren. My advice would be to stay at home and spend the secure finances.

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Thoughts and stories from others
  1. November 5, 2013 at 6:10 pm | Posted by Clifford Lowell

    Mary: My first contact with you was at a Primetime festival in Kearney, NE, when you addressed seniors. I have cherished your 7+ minute monolog invocation at a Home Instead banquet. I give a talk on the humor of aging and close with some of your comments from that talk. You have brought laughter to more persons than you can imagine. Bless you and thank you. . . Today I heard Jolee Urbanovsky of the Lincoln H.I. talk about caregiving at our senior center is Seward, NE. We share the same reverence for your humor. She alerted me to your website. It was good to see and hear you again.


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