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Expensive Yard Care


Margaret in Buffalo is afraid the young man doing her yard work may be overcharging. She needs Mary's advice on how on how to deal with the seemingly money-hungry young man. Mary offers a simple way to combat the lawn boy's stimulus plan.

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Expensive Yard Care

-Mary Maxwell, Posted Janurary 09, 2012

Margaret writes from Buffalo: "Dear Mary, we have a lovely young man who mows our lawn in the summer and shovels our walks in the winter. He was recommended to us because he is a friend of our eldest grandchild. He does a great job and is always very courteous. I became concerned when our bill increased dramatically. He explained that he had to treat the yard and the bill would go back to normal the following month. The next month's bill again had extra charges. He had another reason about fuel surcharges or something. I'm beginning to think he may be taking advantage of us. Should I say something to our grandson who is his friend? What do I do next?"

Okay, Margaret. I don't think I would say anything to your grandson about his friend. If you notice that these extra charges seem to pop up right around homecoming or prom time or a rock concert, you probably have cause to be suspicious. It could be that this, quote, lovely, unquote young man has his own stimulus plan. It seems pretty simple to me. All you have to say is that any increase in charges
must be mentioned before any work is done. Now because he is young, this is a novel idea for him, since it is a concept that has not been in use in the congress of the United States in years. The good news is that summers in Buffalo last what? About five weeks? So most of his time will be spent shoveling snow which thankfully will require no fuel surcharges and very few yard treatments.

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Thoughts and stories from others
  1. January 18, 2012 at 1:38 am | Posted by Marilyn Hayden

    Oh my goodness! i was laughing iwth Mary Maxwell (love her) and the sound went off. Tried to access her again from your home page. Same thing. Marilyn Hayden [email protected]


    • January 18, 2012 at 9:29 am | Posted by Cat Koehler

      I'm sorry you experienced that, Marilyn. You can also watch this video on our YouTube channel. Here is a link: Cat Koehler Home Instead


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