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Finding the Perfect Gift


Here we are, nearly a week before Christmas, and I still have some shopping to do. I’m actually quite proud that this year I can say “some” and not “all of my” when discussing my holiday shopping this year. I love finding just the right gift for everyone, and I usually do a pretty good job, but when I look down my list and see “Grandma”, I go blank.

Finding the right gift for someone who has everything isn’t easy. Grandma received a new coffee maker last year, pictures of the kids this fall, and she has more clothes, kick-knacks and puzzles than she knows what to do with.

Of course when I ask Grandma what she would like, she tells me there isn’t anything she needs. Once, she asked me to tell my father she wanted a wreath for her front door – I’m not sure why she wouldn’t think it would be a good gift from me. I also looked at 10 Popular and Economical Gifts for Seniors. There are some great ideas, but nothing jumped out at me.

I like the idea of giving people something that they can pamper themselves with. But Grandma already has standing appointments to get her hair and nails done each week, so those ideas are out.

Gift giving for the rest of my family is pretty easy. The children see commercials and tell me what they want. I haven’t watched daytime television in quite awhile, so I’m not sure what advertised products Grandma would even see that might interest her.

My husband is an avid reader, so buying him gifts is always easy. Grandma loves to read, but has found her eyesight making it more difficult in recent years. I thought about some audio books for her, but then remembered her hearing is worse than her eyesight – even with hearing aids.

Every gift I could think of for Grandma turned out to be a dud, and since she is one of my favorite people, a dud of gift simply wouldn’t do. So I sat and thought. And thought. And thought a little more.

There is one thing I can give her. One thing no one else can give her. Something I know she desperately wants. Something she has never been bashful asking for.

This year, Grandma is getting time (I'll just have to find a way to wrap it.)

Every time we bring the kids to see her, she laments at how much she has missed them – even if it’s only been a couple of days. We live in the same town and we see her often, but for Grandma, it’s just not enough.  Grandma tells me she understands how busy we are, and that if we can’t get over to see her again soon, that it’s just fine. The next day, I will inevitably get a phone call asking when I will be bringing the kids to see her – she misses them.

So time it is. It’s the one thing I know she really wants, and honestly, it’s really a gift for me and my family. Someday I know I will look back and wish Grandma could give me the same gift – just a little more time.

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Thoughts and stories from others
  1. December 20, 2011 at 10:05 pm | Posted by Jenn Chan

    Agreed on the gift of time. Sometimes I just sit next to my 94 year old grandma for an hour or so. She just likes to have another body around. Occasionally she'll ask me a series of random questions about my life. I feel as though she's been thinking about and collecting these questions from the last time I visited her. I value our time together and I look forward to sharing more stories with her.


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