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My mother tends to eat lightly during the day but then raids the refrigerator at night time. Should I be concerned about this?


Question:  My mother tends to eat lightly during the day, then a few minutes after going to bed she gets up and raids the refrigerator. She'll do this several times a night (she especially likes to eat sweet things). I don't know if this is another sleep disorder (she has Sleep Apnea) or if she is just making up for the food she didn't eat during the day. 

Dr. Amy:  Your mother’s medical doctor is the best person to advise you about this matter. I encourage you to go with your mother to her doctor to discuss this situation. In order to make it easier for her doctor to better understand exactly what is happening, you might want to start writing down the food, as well as the amount of the food, your mother is eating during the day and do the same for what she is eating at night time. Also you'll want to note the time of day and night she is eating. This information will make it easier for the doctor to both understand the situation and accurately assess it.

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