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We have concerns about our mother's cognitive abilities. Can we write a letter to inform her doctor of our concerns?


Question:  We have concerns about our mother's ability to understand herself. She says her brain feels like "mush" but refuses to allow others to help her stay organized. Is it possible/legal for us to somehow inform her doctor of our concerns before she has her next checkup? Can we write the doctor a letter?  Thank you! 

Dr. Amy:  Yes, you can write to your mother's doctor to explain your concerns. People's health information is protected by privacy laws. For this reason, you would need your mother's written permission for the doctor to actually be able to discuss your mother's health situation with you. However, you are welcome to share information with the doctor. It sounds like you may be concerned that mom has dementia and we should never ignore these signs.

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  1. July 5, 2017 at 8:38 pm | Posted by JoAnne stafford-jackson

    May 2009 my mother was ran over by a official vehicle, drove herself to hospital ER, was treated, diagnosed with only scars and bruises to her lower body, discharged home a competent, physically healthy 70yoa adult. Her elder daughter orchestrated a follow up doctor visit, resulted without notice several unnecessary prescribed antipsychotic medications,mysterious dementia diagnosis


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