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Celebrating Christmas will be difficult this year.

Camille is feeling the pressure from her grown children to celebrate a traditional Christmas even after losing her husband this year. She's just not in a jolly mood but doesn't want to ruin their Christmas celebration. Mary offers some heartfelt advice. Download a transcript of this Mary Maxwell video (PDF) If you're already caring for an… read more

Asking Mom to Stop Drinking Wine

Jim from Florida is looking for advice on how to ask his mom to stop having her occasional glasses of wine now that she has to use a cane to walk around. read more

Help my daughter get healthy?

Gladys from Odessa, TX has maintained a healthy lifestyle well into her 80's but her daughter is over-weight and refuses to eat well and exercise. read more

More Appreciation From Mom

Since moving into Linda's home 3 years ago her mom's negativity is starting to effect her marriage. Linda left her job and cares for her mom full-time but she struggles with her constant complaining. How can she get her mom to show a little more appreciation? read more

Convincing My 85 year-old Mom To Stop Driving

Kelly and her brother have talked to mom about her diminished driving skills but she refuses to listen even after two fender-benders. Download a transcript of this Mary Maxwell video (PDF) Driving with diminished eye-sight and reflexes can be a tough subject to discuss. To find out what to look for visit Talking to dad… read more

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