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Bathing Mom is awkward

Jerry from St. Louis has been caring for his mother for awhile, but now she needs more help. He feels awkward bathing her and has asked funny lady Mary Maxwell for her advice. read more

With no children, who will care for me when I need it?

Peggy in Los Angeles, CA is worried that because she never had children, there will be no one to care for her as she ages. read more

How do I convince Mom it's okay to sell her home?

Donna from Amherst, MA wants Mary's advice to help convince her widowed mother to sell her large home and move into a retirement home. Mary Maxwell helps Donna explore other options. read more

Looking for work in the Golden Years

Bev and Marty's retirement savings took a hit and now they're looking for part-time jobs. Mary Maxwell has a few suggestions for them.     read more

Is Dad having a midlife crisis?

Four siblings from Savannah, GA are concerned about their father after the passing of his wife. Dad is taking on some new hobbies in his golden years that worry the kids, but Mary has some advice to put them at ease, and a word of warning. read more

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