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What to do when adult children interfere?

Question: In this blended family situation, the adult daughter of an elderly patient wants to be in charge of decisions and is resenting (and alienating) the spouse. What is the best way to deal with this? Dr. Amy: When parents remarry, how well adult children get along with the new spouse can make a big… read more

Can a schedule in a nursing home hinder the recovery of a patient?

Question: Can a schedule or routine in a nursing home hinder the recovery of a patient? My mom is in her fourth week in a nursing home after having an out patient surgery procedure. She is woken up at 5:30 in the morning but breakfast is not until 8:00. She then has physical therapy for… read more

Is this elder abuse?

Question: Is it a form of elder abuse if a patient is left to sit in wet clothes all day (so much so the chair is soaked too) or is left only partially clean after a bowel movement? Dr. Amy: There are different types of elder abuse, including physical, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse, as… read more

Trouble with bath time

Question: I am having trouble getting my father to take a bath. He smells very bad and gets mad if anybody says anything. What can I do? Dr. Amy: When we are young and our bones, muscles, and internal organs work well, taking a bath or a shower is no big deal. When we are… read more

My parents are fighting for my attention

Question: I'm the caregiver for both of my parents but recently had to put my mom in a nursing home. Now they are both fighting for my attention. How do I deal with this? Dr. Amy: You have had a lot on your plate caring for both your parents. If you are like many caregivers,… read more

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