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Is it dementia or Alzheimer's?

Question:  Please explain the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's. Does dementia progress into Alzheimer's? Dr. Amy: I am asked this question a lot when I speak about memory loss and cognitive impairment. I know it can be confusing. In a nutshell: Dementia is not a disease It is a general term to describe a set of… read more

Is my husband's confusion normal?

Question: My husband is 71 and he has become very confused this last year. He was trying to plan a trip and could not understand the calendar. Should I be alarmed? He asks me over and over about things we are to do. He can't remember when we go to church and other things we… read more

What's OK, what's not OK in caregiving work?

Question: I am a caregiver and I work for an agency whose clients are quite special. Clients ask me to clean the garage, do gardening, bath the dog, clean up the dog’s poop, cook for family members, prepare for a yard sale, and do the packing when a client is moving. I do the shopping… read more

Caring for my step dad

Question: My mother has been the primary care giver for my stepfather for more than 20 years. He has chronic heart failure, a clotting disorder, morbid obesity, and hidradenitis. Two weeks ago, my mother had a stroke and lost the use of her right arm. She has difficulty swallowing, is unable to stand on her own,… read more

Feeling so guilty

Question: I lost my father to cancer one month ago. I was not there when he died. I left home and went to another city for my job, and two days later he passed. I’ m feeling very guilty because when I left town, I was in an angry mood and that is how he… read more

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