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Dealing with the nasties

Question: My father has started showing signs of dementia. He says we are stealing from him and other nasty, untrue things. Is there any medication or help that will calm him down and make him more easy to live with? Dr. Amy: As well as affecting your father’s memory and ability to think things through,… read more

What can I do when my mom says mean things?

Question: My mom is 82 and suffers from memory loss. I live with her. I have a brother who is not around much. We have never gotten along but it's getting worse. Mom will say mean things sometimes and I don't no how to deal with it. Dr. Amy: Being a family caregiver can be… read more

Dealing with unfairness

Question: How do I cope with feeling that my client is being unfair with the hours she divides between three caregivers? I feel it is unfair for me to have to work overtime and one of the other caregivers gets her hours handed to her free! How can I deal with this stress? I feel… read more

How does my caregiver become my legal guardian?

Question: I have a lot of health and mental health problems so how does my caregiver become my legal caregiver and how much would she get paid? Dr Amy: It sounds like you have more than enough on your plate. Struggling with physical and mental issues at the same time is a lot, so kudos to… read more

What to do when adult children interfere?

Question: In this blended family situation, the adult daughter of an elderly patient wants to be in charge of decisions and is resenting (and alienating) the spouse. What is the best way to deal with this? Dr. Amy: When parents remarry, how well adult children get along with the new spouse can make a big… read more

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