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In praise of support groups

Question: I would like to talk to cancer caregivers. Dr. Amy: You are very wise to seek out support. A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, both for the person receiving it and for family and friends. After the initial shock and fear, a whole host of other intense emotions and concerns can surface. On top… read more

My mother is angry and violent

Question: I've struggled with my mother’s issues almost all of my life. My mother is easily angered and will hold on to anger for weeks—or years. She constantly fights with our dear neighbors, bless their souls. For example she cussed out our neighbors today because their dog ran up to her and tried to cuddle on… read more

How to deal with a bone crushing handshake

Question: My husband has dementia. Whenever he shakes hands with someone he squeezes too hard. Most times, my asking him to be more gentle falls on deaf ears. Any suggestions? Dr. Amy: Seeing people and socializing is important for our mental health, so it's great you are getting out together. Getting caught in a bone… read more

Help! Mom is murdering the house plants!

Question: My mother, age 77, lives with me and she has early dementia. She seems to have a compulsion to "prune" my wife's plants. Pruning is the nice term. Murdering would be more appropriate. She likes to cut the coupons out of the Sunday paper as well. I'm trying to think of activities that will… read more

Can someone with early-onset Alzheimer's live at home?

Question: My wife has early-onset Alzheimer's and is residing in the Alzheimer's unit at Brighton Gardens Senior Living Facility. She wants to come home. How can I determine if she is a candidate for home care? Dr Amy: It’s completely understandable that your wife wants to be with you at home. The best way to… read more

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