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Overcoming the feeling of being overwhelmed

Question: I'm 32 and my mother is terminally ill. She lives in a nursing home now, due to her steadily declining health. The decision to place her there was beyond difficult but necessary. Since her placement (over three years ago) I have experienced more than my fair share of ups and downs. In 2012 I… read more

My husband has early-onset Alzheimer's

Question: My husband, who is 59, has early-onset Alzheimer's. He has been in the hospital since June 2013 and has now become very aggressive, so he is kept highly drugged. I left work in 2011 to look after him full-time until I no longer could. Do you have any advice regarding dealing with a spouse?… read more

My brother is Bipolar and lives with my mom. Mom gets upset when he is moody. How can I help her to cope?

Question:  My brother is Bipolar and he lives with my mother, who is 84. Mom gets nervous and upset when my brother is moody and angry. How can I help her to cope? I am supportive of my mom as well as my brother. I assisted my brother in getting treatment. My mother can be… read more

Our family is not pulling together

Question:  I am a 52 year old woman with blood cancer leukemia that is in remission. I work part time—just a few days a week. When I moved back to the city my dad lives in, my brother turned over responsibility for dad to me. My brother did this for six years and suddenly dumped… read more

When mom can't come home

Question:  My mom, who has dementia, is in a nursing home. She thinks she will soon be coming home to live with me but the truth is she can't come home because I have to work.  How do I help her understand? She cries and begs me not to make her live the rest of… read more

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