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When your life gets turned upside down

Question: In the past three years, my husband has had a big stroke, broke his hip, and had a pacemaker put in. He is home now and has been for just over two years. The only time he gets out of his chair is to go to the bathroom, to bed, to the doctor, and… read more

Moving mother

Question: Should I move my mom closer to home? My mom has been in a facility for almost three years. Unfortunately, she is over two hours away (when I had to place her in a facility, there were no openings in our town). I can only get away about once a month to see her.… read more

Connecting to others in times of stress

Question: I am going through a very hard and stressful time dealing with my husband’s illness. He had bleeding in the brain and is in a nursing home for two months. Dr. Amy: It can be incredibly stressful when something happens to a loved one and suddenly they're sick. All kinds of fears and emotions may… read more

When everything changes

Question: Two years ago my 76 year old mother had a hip replacement operation. Before the operation she had slight dementia--nothing serious. She came out of the operation with delirium and our whole world changed. She became a complete different person. After six weeks in the hospital we brought her home to live with us… read more

Do I continue being caregiver to my rude and ungrateful husband or put him in a home?

Question: My husband is 61 and he has already had two strokes. He is diabetic, has high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. He was in a nursing home two years ago—he was there for a year after a fall and hip replacement. At the end of the year he had very bad dementia, then he… read more

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