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Rx Risks and Solutions Guide

To help start the conversation with older loved ones about their medications or to assess potential medication risks, learn what potential medication risks an older adult could be facing, what possible solutions may be available and where you can go for more information.


Free Conversation Starters Resource

Receive a free “Let’s Talk About Rx” resource that can help you talk with your loved ones about medication issues.


10 Signs Medications Could be to Blame for a Senior's Health Issues

Is it the pills or something else? When it comes to the issues of aging, it could be difficult for your senior loved one who is taking a number of medications to know for sure what might be causing problems.


Tips to Help Avoid Medication Mistakes

Medication management uncertainty could put seniors at higher risk for a medical issue or emergency due to incorrect dosage or adverse medication interactions.


Top Four Drug Types That Sent Seniors to the Hospital

With adverse drug events landing nearly 100,000 seniors in the hospital each year, are all medications equal in terms of this potential risk?


How to Keep Medication Side Effects from Jeopardizing a Senior's Independence

Side effects from a medication can isolate older adults, potentially robbing them of their independence.


Transition Danger: When Seniors Are at Risk of Medication Problems

It's ironic: Seniors can be the most vulnerable to medication errors during the times they are being treated for illnesses or surgeries, and recovering from them.


Medication Plan Should Balance Independence and Safety

It can be easy to want to micromanage a loved one's medication regimen. But consider how the senior may feel if he considers himself perfectly capable of managing things on his own.


How Family Caregivers Can Help

As a family caregiver, you can help your loved one avoid the potential pitfalls of adverse medication reactions.


Executive Summaries

Research conducted by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care® network, indicates that as the number of prescription medications a senior age 70+ takes increases, so do that senior’s potential medication management challenges and potential health risks.

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