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Keep crucial medical information handy in case of emergency

April 4, 2011


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CARE Medical History Bracelet

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  • Desktop
  • USB flash drive


The CARE Medical History Bracelet contains preloaded, easy-to-use software that allows you or your senior loved ones to enter or update their complete personal health history on a computer, which you can then easily download to the band's memory device. And because your seniors will always have the CARE Medical History Bracelet with them, medical staff can plug the bracelet's USB drive into any computer and immediately access their medical information in the event of an emergency. This speedy access to critical information can not only help expedite care, but can also play a key role in avoid drug interactions, allergic reactions or medical errors. If brightly colored bracelets aren't your style, the memory device also comes in the form of a keychain or wallet card, which you can find at


  • USB drive compatible with any computer's USB port
  • Preloaded CARE e-Manager Software
  • Room to store and organize information for everyone in the family
  • Durable, waterproof and latex-free
  • Displays internationally recognized medical alert symbol
  • Choice of colors and sizes
  • Interlocking mechanism to keep bracelet securely on wrist

About GC Publishers, LLC:

GC Publishers' entrepreneurial CEO, Cesar Camacho, invented the CARE Medical History Bracelet and the CARE Medical History Keychain. Having family members with serious health conditions, he recognized the need for these types of products to provide instant access to lifesaving information during a medical emergency.

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