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Senior Safety

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Nearly 90 percent of seniors say they want to stay in their home. Doing so gives them a wonderful sense of continued independence.

But having mom or dad live alone can be a source of worry for their adult children. The, "What if?" scenarios can often overwhelm the mind. "What if she falls down?" "What if he forgets something on the stove?" "What if she doesn't tell me it's getting harder for her to get around?"

If you feel like this, you're not alone. In 2007 the AARP surveyed boomer women and found that two-thirds are concerned about their parents' ability to live independently.

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Elderly woman talking on phone

Threat of Natural Disasters Calls for Preparedness Plan To Protect Seniors

Whether it's hurricanes, tornados, wildfires or floods, helping older adults – among the most vulnerable populations – should be a priority.

Caregiver helping senior woman out of car

When it's Time to go to the Doctor…Here's What to Ask

Doctor visits can be overwhelming for older adults, particularly if they have hearing problems or dementia. Seniors often appreciate someone attending an appointment with them. If a family caregiver can't attend an appointment with an older loved one, encourage or help a senior find someone – a trusted neighbor or friend – to go with him or her to provide any needed assistance.

Senior man with walker

Senior Safety Checklist

Each year, many older Americans are injured in and around their homes - often from hazards that are easily overlooked, but easy

Troubled looking senior man

10 Signs a Senior May Be in Trouble

Many seniors do not ask for help - particularly because they often fear that they will be a burden to their families or lose their independence

Kitchen design that is friendly to seniors

Senior Kitchen Remodel Should Focus on Convenience

A kitchen remodeling project provides a real boost to any homeowner and could be important to accommodating the needs of seniors with various disabilities or health conditions. For the past several years, universal design has been a concept growing in popularity as Baby Boomers age in record numbers.

Senior lady putting clothes in closet

Cleaning Closets Can Help Seniors Manage Their Homes

Installing a hanging shoe rack, extra shelves or bars and more door hooks should be considered when you’re thinning or organizing your wardrobe, and they can help make life easier. Home Instead CAREGiversSM stand ready to help seniors manage safely in their homes by providing assistance and support.

Spoiled food in the refrigerator can be a potential safety hazard.

Identifying Pitfalls Key To Improving Senior Safety

You already have taken the first step in making your home safer: Identifying the safety pitfalls. Here’s some additional information that may help.

Make sure your water heater is set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding.

Seniors Should Heed Home Safety Cautions

The effects of aging can make older adults unsteady on their feet. Combine that with a few magazines on the steps, a pot kept on the stove too long or a tangled electrical cord in the hallway and it’s the recipe for disaster.

Keep fallen leaves, snow and ice from walkways to prevent falls.

Falls Can Jeopardize Independence; Preventing Them Helps Keep Seniors Home Longer

Few calamities are potentially more deadly than senior falls. Brittle bones and weak joints can lead to disastrous consequences.

If the water is too hot, set the water heater thermostat at low, which is usually about 120º for safety.

Scalding Water Can Pose Risks for Seniors

Older adults who are less mobile and prone to falls also are at risk of scalding. Suggestions from the Burn Foundation can help ensure that a senior is safer at home. So can a little help around the house.

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