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Solving Communication Issues within Families - Professional Caregiver Recorded Webinar

Sibling relationships and the quality of an older adult’s care can be at risk due to unresolved family conflicts, but with the approaches outlined in this webinar, caregiving can make families stronger. This webinar will outline the 50/50 Rule, a new program designed to help adult siblings improve communication skills and better care for aging parents.

Preventing Senior Scams - Professional Caregiver Webinar

Senior scams can cost older adults everything from their life savings, to their homes, to even their lives.

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Helping Seniors with Loss of Independence - Professional Caregiver Recorded Webinar

Dr. Amy D'Aprix outlines the warning signs that an older adult might need some assistance, including physical symptoms and mental or emotional changes, loss of attention signals and environmental clues.

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Understanding the Emotional Aspects of Caregiving - Professional Caregiver Webinar

If you are a caregiver, or work with someone who is, this web seminar will help identify the difficult feelings and emotions that can arise from caregiving, and offer solutions to deal with them.

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Practical Alzheimers Solutions For Caregivers - Professional Caregiver Webinar

Caregivers for persons with Alzheimer’s face a number of challenges, including keeping them involved and diffusing difficult behaviors.

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Alzheimer's and Wandering - Professional Caregiver Webinar

Learn how Home Instead Senior Care is extending its support to Alzheimer’s education through a new web service designed to help family caregivers locate individuals with a dementia illness who become lost.

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Caring for the Entire Senior: Mind, Body and Soul - Professional Caregiver Webinar

For anyone concerned about an aging parent, it is critical to learn about the physical and emotional signs of aging, such as loss of energy or changes in mood that can inadvertently increase the risk of an older adult losing their independence.

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Support for the Working Family Caregiver - Professional Caregiver Webinar

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Multi-Generational Living - Professional Caregiver Recorded Webinar

Dr. Amy D'Aprix outlines the pros and cons for anyone who is currently, or will be, caring for an older adult in their home.

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Helping Seniors with Loss of Independence - Professional Caregiver Webinar

There are common warning signs for when an older adult needs some assistance, and ignoring these can result in dependencies that can be avoided.

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