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Nutrition for Seniors

In this video series, certified senior advisor Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care ® will give you tips for making sure your senior loved one is getting proper nutrition. This video is designed for anyone who is caring for an elderly person be it a parent, other relative or friend. By watching this video you will learn why proper nutrition is important and what can happen if your senior loved one doesn't have good eating habits; simple ways to help your senior loved one shop for good food and eat right; as well as ideas for specific dietary and health concerns.


General Mills

The Craving Companionship program was made possible through partnership with General Mills.


Senior Medication Management Issues

The questions can seem endless: What medications are you on? Do you have allergies? Is there a living will? Who has power of attorney? Any time your mom or dad winds up in the emergency room, doctor's office or hospital, there's much those professionals need to know about your parents. So do you, especially if your parents can't speak for themselves. Lack of information can certainly be trouble for you when the time comes to assist your aging loved ones. For Mom and Dad, though, the wrong information can be deadly. That's why family caregivers like you should be ready to be a supporter of your parents, helping them when it's time to provide those important details. The following resources could be a life-saver.


Caring for Your Parents: Senior Emergency Kit

The Home Instead Senior Care® network's Senior Emergency KitSM can help ensure that family caregivers like you have fast and easy access to important information about loved ones in case of an emergency call.


Making Food Interesting—Recipes

Variety is truly the spice of life. To keep their daily menus interesting, and healthy, seniors will want to mix up their food choices—particularly within each food group—every day. Check out these delectable and nutritious recipes from the Duke Diet and Fitness Center made with the 12 Staples that Seniors Shouldn't Live Without.


Activities for the Mind, Body and Soul

Keeping an older adult's mind, body and social life active can prevent or even reverse frailty, and family caregivers assisting seniors are in a unique position to help them figure out what activities will work best. According to Stephanie Studenski, M.D., M.P.H., one of the nation's foremost authorities on mobility, balance disorders and falls in older adults, "A key is simple activities that seniors find pleasurable or enjoyable."

Music therapists can design programs that include music improvisation and movement to music.

The Therapeutic Value of Music

Music brings much joy to people of all ages. As it turns out, music is valuable as a therapy as well.

Your loved one also could consider a little extra help to enable her to remain at home when weighing her options for senior care.

ALFs Strong in Recession, But More Seniors Opting for Home

Assisting Living Facilities are one popular living option for older adults. They come with many advantages. But surveys typically reveal that seniors prefer to age in the comfort of their own homes.


40/70 Conversation Topics

Some topics are difficult for adult children to discuss with their aging parents, but starting the conversation off right can make things a little easier. Here are some scenarios that address common topics from the adult son or daughter's perspective. Each is backed by research conducted in the U.S. for Home Instead Senior Care with tips developed in cooperation with Jake Harwood, Ph.D., communication professor author, and former director of the Graduate Program in Gerontology at the University of Arizona.


70/40 Conversation Topics

Some topics are hard for seniors and their adult children to discuss, but starting the conversation off right can make things a little easier. Here are some scenarios that address common topics from the senior's perspective. These responses were developed in cooperation with Jake Harwood (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara), Professor of Communication, author, and former director of the Graduate Program in Gerontology at the University of Arizona.

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