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Homemade Memories Video

A mother and her daughter talk about a family recipe that not only followed them from holidays to birthdays, but brought them together to share memories with the ones they love.

Keep fallen leaves, snow and ice from walkways to prevent falls.

Falls Can Jeopardize Independence; Preventing Them Helps Keep Seniors Home Longer

Few calamities are potentially more deadly than senior falls. Brittle bones and weak joints can lead to disastrous consequences.

Make sure your water heater is set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding.

Seniors Should Heed Home Safety Cautions

The effects of aging can make older adults unsteady on their feet. Combine that with a few magazines on the steps, a pot kept on the stove too long or a tangled electrical cord in the hallway and it’s the recipe for disaster.

Spoiled food in the refrigerator can be a potential safety hazard.

Identifying Pitfalls Key To Improving Senior Safety

You already have taken the first step in making your home safer: Identifying the safety pitfalls. Here’s some additional information that may help.

Various studies and research through the years have discovered other ways to improve the memory such as participating in activities that require you to think, including crossword puzzles and music lessons.

Rote Memorization Could Improve Seniors’ Memories

Memorization has been found to be an effective way to keep the brain active, according to research. So, too, can a healthy lifestyle and companionship.

For seniors in good health, light to moderate consumption of alcohol may also help prevent the development of physical disability.

Moderate Alcohol Use May Be Healthy for Seniors

Moderate alcohol consumption has been found to be beneficial to healthy active seniors, according to research. That’s good news for older adults who like to socialize.

There may be options that could keep your daughter from giving up her career. If you have other family members, discuss with them how they might help.

Financial Plan Can Benefit Family Caregivers

Caregiving can be a burden for family caregivers. There are resources, such as your local Home Instead Senior Care®, that can help alleviate the strain.


Craving Companionship Puts the "Family" Back Into Mealtimes

Research conducted for the Home Instead Senior Care® network revealed that lack of companionship is the biggest mealtime challenge for seniors.That's why the Home Instead, Inc. launched the Craving Companionship program, geared to promoting healthy aging by helping seniors eat nutritiously and stay connected socially. The program also encourages the revival of family mealtimes for the benefit of isolated seniors.

More than three-fourths of seniors who live alone, eat alone most of the time.

Nutritional Risks: The Warning Signs

Much can stand in the way of good nutrition for the elderly, and that can mean your mom or dad could fail to thrive like they should. Recognizing the warning signs of poor nutrition is the first step towards improving the health of your senior loved one.

The elderly, when home alone, face significant socialization challenges, particularly when it comes to lack of shared mealtime experiences.

The Loneliness Factor

Loneliness -- it's one of the most serious obstacles to good nutrition that your senior loved one could face. The elderly, when home alone, face significant socialization challenges, particularly when it comes to lack of shared mealtime experiences.

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