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Seniors Planning a Reunion Should Start Early, Seek Help

Family reunions are great ways for seniors to connect with other generations. Family caregivers can play an important role ensuring that older adults get the kind of reunion they want. The support of a professional CAREGiver could help as well.

Television ads that promote the many pharmaceuticals on the market can cause confusion for both seniors and their family caregivers.

Drug Ads May Confuse Seniors

Drugs offer many life-saving benefits that keep seniors healthier longer. But ads that promote the many pharmaceuticals on the market can cause confusion for both seniors and their family caregivers. Make sure to confer with doctors about any medications a senior is taking and check out for more resources.

A doctor can help determine the best ways to keep a disabled senior active.

Increasing Disability Doesn't Have to Sideline Seniors

There's nothing like a disability to take the sizzle from a senior's life. If you're a family caregiver and have a spouse with a disability, consider professional respite care to help provide you and your loved one support.

Caregiver listening to elderly woman

Caregivers For Seniors Need More Support

We often don't understand the many aspects of informal caregiving, including the positive effects it has on the person needing care and the potentially negative consequences it can have for an informal caregiver.

A window box is easy to assemble and your mother can watch flowers and even vegetables and herbs grow all year round.

Window Box Gardening Cultivates Senior Interests

Gardening is one of the most popular activities for seniors. But many can no longer get outdoors to enjoy this activity. That's what makes simple pot or window gardening so appealing. Companionship, too, can help.

Family caregivers can encourage veterans to discuss their stories and share their historical legacies.

Veterans' History Project Helps Preserve Wartime Stories

Senior loved ones often are a treasure trove of information that is not only valuable to their families, but that may be of interest to others as well. Family caregivers can encourage them to discuss these stories and share their historical legacies.

Sleeping less than seven and a half hours per day may be associated with potential risk of heart disease for older people.

Less Sleep Could Lead to Heart Disease, According to Research

The conditions of aging sometimes make a good night's sleep a difficult goal to achieve. If you're an older adult having problems sleeping – or if you're caring for one – why not schedule a doctor's physical and consider extra caregiving companionship.

Assistance from a Home Instead CAREGiver is a great option for seniors who need help with their medication when traveling.

Vacationing Seniors on Meds Must Take Care to Prepare

Traveling may be complicated for older adults who often are on many medications. That’s why family caregivers who are traveling with seniors or assisting them with vacation plans should be ready to help.

Stay out of the sun during the hottest times of the day. Save the gardening for the early morning or evening.

Heat Poses Serious Threat to Seniors Living Alone

Sizzling summer temperatures can take a toll on any age, but seniors are particularly vulnerable when the temperatures skyrocket. Many older adults want to enjoy summer activities as much as anyone else. A few precautions can help them do just that.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat and clothing that covers the body to protect from the sun's rays.

With the Right Protection Seniors Can Bask in the Sun

The many dangers of sun exposure have been widely researched. While the sun has many healing effects, too much of this good thing can cause conditions such as skin cancer and lead to dehydration. Seniors may be particularly vulnerable and should seek help if needed to stay on top of any potential risks.

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