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If your loved one has always loved clothing and takes pride in dressing well, you should encourage them to do so again.

Clothing for Seniors Should Be Stylish and Accessible

There’s no reason why seniors who are facing challenges of aging shouldn’t continue to dress stylishly.

Plan for your children to have time with their grandparents, and encourage them to strengthen that relationship by sharing photo albums and family histories, or introducing a favorite hobby.

Building Relationships with Grandkids Reaps Many Benefits for Seniors

Both grandchildren and their grandparents benefit from a strong relationship. But sometimes older adults need help building that bond.

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How to Prepare Your Home: Multi-Generational Living (5 of 5)

With proper planning, having your senior loved one live with your family can be a loving and rewarding experience.


Senior Health Tracking Tools

As part of the Answering the CallSM program, Home Instead has developed this list of tools to track all aspects of your senior loved ones' care. Each tool offers different capabilities and features that are designed to help you coordinate and manage your caregiving. Give them a try, then add comments and rank them to help others as they navigate through the senior care maze. If you would like to suggest another tool, please email our social media advocate, Cat Koehler, at

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Enlisting Support: Multi-Generational Living (4 of 5)

Asking for help is sometimes difficult, but may be necessary to avoid burnout and stress.

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Emotional Issues to Address: Multi-Generational Living (3 of 5)

As soon as you start thinking about having mom or dad move in, you need to have a conversation with your spouse and children. Engaging them in the conversation and enlisting their support is vital.

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Determining if this is the Best Option: Multi-Generational Living (2 of 5)

This video presents 7 questions to ask yourself to help determine if multi-generational living is the best option for you.

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Multi-Generational Living (1 of 5)

This video series will you give the information you need to determine if multi-generational living is the best option for your family.

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Important Considerations for Seniors: Mealtime, Food and Senior Nutrition (5 of 5)

Mary Alexander and Amy Cohn, a registered dietician with General Mills, discuss the vitamin, mineral, & other nutritional needs important to seniors.

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How to make mealtime enjoyable: Mealtime, Food and Senior Nutrition (4 of 5)

How to keep grocery shopping, cooking, and mealtime an enjoyable experience while still getting your senior loved one the nutrition they need.

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