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A professional caregiver can serve as a second set of eyes and ears to help keep seniors safer at home.

Unraveling the Home Care Myths

The simple fact is that most elderly want to stay at home – upwards of 90 percent in several industry surveys, as a matter of fact. But some seniors seem leery of home care. Perhaps you are too. That may be because there are a few misconceptions that often surround care for the elderly at home. Check them out to learn if you know all you should about home care.

Family caregivers can derive important personal and professional benefits when they supplement their senior caregiving with paid in-home non-medical care services.

Home Care Helps Lessen Personal and Professional Cost of Caregiving

You’ve not been the same since your dad got sick. In fact, you’re not feeling the best lately either. Last time you were at the doctor your blood pressure was up. And the stress of worrying about whether or not Dad is safe is keeping you awake at night and making it harder to focus at work.

FSU researchers have found that older adults with moderate to severe symptoms of dementia can assume advice-giving and teaching roles despite their cognitive impairments.

Seniors Never Too Old to Give Advice

Research from the Florida State University (FSU) should encourage you. The study found that while dementia may rob an older person of memory and focus, the ability to offer advice seems to be preserved.

Make the grandparents part of your family's routine. If they are in good health, let them pitch in and help.

Better Organization Can Help Families Make Time for Seniors

Balancing work and family obligations is never easy for any family, especially those with young children and older adults. The first thing you should do is try to get organized.

Worry, medications and illnesses can explain some sleep problems. It is important to take steps to improve the quality of sleep for seniors.

Snoozing May Not Be So Peaceful for Seniors

Sleep problems may plague older adults for a variety of reasons. The Home Instead Senior Care network offers family caregivers tips for helping seniors get a better night’s sleep. Companionship is one important way to help.

For safety as well as companionship, it would be great for your father to garden or enjoy any outdoor activities with a family member, friend or companion.

Seniors Can Adapt Outdoor Activities to Meet Their Needs

Aging is often associated with the loss of activities and interests that seniors no longer can continue. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Not only may older adults be more affected by a couple of glasses of wine than their younger counterparts are, they are also less likely to be aware of it, a new study indicates.

Research Reveals Seniors May Not Feel Alcohol Effects As Much as Younger Drinkers

Many experts agree that, with a doctor’s approval, seniors can still enjoy alcohol in moderation. Research has discovered that alcohol can impact older adults more quickly, though.

Following the death of a spouse, you should schedule an appointment with your senior loved one's doctor for a physical to evaluate any medical problems including depression.

Physical Should Follow Death of Spouse

The death of a spouse can have a dramatic and negative impact on an older adult. That’s why family caregivers should keep a close eye on a parent who has lost a spouse. A good first step is a doctor’s physical.


Conversation Starter Guides

Download these easy-to-read guides from Home Instead Senior Care and author and communications expert Dr. Jake Harwood. These guides includes common family situations and sensitive circumstances that often pose communication problems for both older adults and their children or loved ones.

Romantic love can last a lifetime, but you shouldn't suffer from loneliness now that your spouse is gone.

Romance Thrives in Long-Term Relationships, Study Reveals

Death or divorce creates a painful void. Help ensure that your senior loved ones who are widowed or divorced have companionship in their lives.

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