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Caregiver Stress (1 of 6)

In this video series, certified senior advisor Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care® talks about how to balance work and in-home care. This video is designed for anyone who is caring for an elderly person be it a parent, other relative or friend. The information in this video will give you some tools to use in caregiving, at work, and for yourself in order to help you find balance in your life.

You've just returned to your childhood home for the holidays, but things don't look the same. Are the conditions of aging jeopardizing your senior's health and safety at home?

Senior Holiday Checklist

You've just returned to your childhood home for the holidays, but things don't look the same. Are the conditions of aging jeopardizing your senior's health and safety at home? Complete this checklist provided by Home Instead Senior Care®, the international caregiving company. If you see any of these situations, your senior may need extra help.


Practical, Economical Gifts for Seniors Most Popular, Say Retailer and Local Senior-Care Company

Tough time finding the right gift for mom or dad? The economic slowdown may make it easier to shop for seniors wanting practical, economical gifts according to Home Instead Senior Care. In case you still are having trouble thinking of that special gift, read the indispensable Ten Practical and Economical Gifts for Seniors…

As it turns out, people are living longer. And while some have adopted healthier lifestyles, many Boomers have not, with obesity threatening to interfere with the activities of daily living for a growing number of seniors. The outlook is not expected to get better any time soon.

Living Large

It might be called the tale of two Boomers: One day you hear that older adults have never been healthier; they're working out and buffing up at YMCAs and fitness clubs throughout America, and living longer as a result. At the same time, half of middle-aged adults between 55 and 64 have high blood pressure and two and five are obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. A recent study by Purdue University reveals a more complex picture of the cost of obesity for Boomers…

Proper diet and exercise are plainly two key players in keeping ill health at bay, as are not smoking and staying current with health screenings and vaccinations.

Improving The State Of Aging In America

Do today's seniors take better care of themselves than a decade ago? What are the indicators, and what can older adults today do to stay healthy and active?

Running on empty

Running on Empty

New Home Instead Senior Care Survey/Web Data Indicate Stress Takes a Dramatic Toll on Those Caring for Older Adults

Caregiver helping an elderly lady organize her finances

Know Your Senior's Coverage Plan

Navigating the medical and insurance maze can seem daunting for family caregivers trying to help a senior loved one. Check out the following resources in addition to those available at

Payment overdue

Payment Overdue

You and your brother have just discovered a pile of overdue bills, spoiled food in the refrigerator and magazines stacked ceiling high at your parents' house. Approach your parents and brother with a sense of working together to find a solution rather than telling them what to do.

Recession bust

Recession Bust

The economy has taken its toll on your parents' retirement nest egg, which they worked so hard to build. Initiate a conversation between you and your parents, making sure that your siblings all have the same information.

Treasured keepsake

A Treasured Keepsake

You've always admired your mother's sapphire brooch, which she promised you several years ago, but the keepsake went to your sister-in-law instead. The high ground is to appreciate that your memories are the most important reminder of your mother and your relationship with her. If you can calmly talk to your sister-in-law, try it.

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