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Running on empty

Running on Empty

New Home Instead Senior Care Survey/Web Data Indicate Stress Takes a Dramatic Toll on Those Caring for Older Adults

Caregiver helping an elderly lady organize her finances

Know Your Senior's Coverage Plan

Navigating the medical and insurance maze can seem daunting for family caregivers trying to help a senior loved one. Check out the following resources in addition to those available at

Payment overdue

Payment Overdue

You and your brother have just discovered a pile of overdue bills, spoiled food in the refrigerator and magazines stacked ceiling high at your parents' house. Approach your parents and brother with a sense of working together to find a solution rather than telling them what to do.

Recession bust

Recession Bust

The economy has taken its toll on your parents' retirement nest egg, which they worked so hard to build. Initiate a conversation between you and your parents, making sure that your siblings all have the same information.

Treasured keepsake

A Treasured Keepsake

You've always admired your mother's sapphire brooch, which she promised you several years ago, but the keepsake went to your sister-in-law instead. The high ground is to appreciate that your memories are the most important reminder of your mother and your relationship with her. If you can calmly talk to your sister-in-law, try it.

Family freeloader

Family Freeloader

No doubt about it, Dad is starting to need help at home. But your brother doesn't want him to spend any of the money and, you suspect, it's because he doesn't want dad to deplete brother's potential inheritance. Encourage your father to spend money to make his life easier and assure him that such spending is appropriate.

Silent siblings

Silent Siblings

You and your siblings haven't been on speaking terms for years, but now that Mom and Dad need help, their care is slipping. Talk with your parents face-to-face. Tell them you just want to help and ask them to be honest with you about their needs, then share that information with your siblings.

Lost days

Lost Days

The devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease have taken their toll on your dad and now you are suffering, too. He wanders the house keeping you awake all night, but your brother refuses to discuss the situation. Contact your brother and let him know that you cannot look after your father alone and that you would like more direct support from him; otherwise, you will have to seek help elsewhere.

Hometown caregiver

Hometown Caregiver

You were thrilled to assume ownership of the family business when your brothers and sisters moved away. But you didn't bargain that you would have all the responsibility for Dad's care. Keep your brothers and sisters informed about how your father is doing and if you have specific needs, let your siblings know what they are.

In the dark

In the Dark

Since you moved hundreds of miles from home for a great job, your sister has assumed the care of your parents. But you feel left out. Offer to help with from a distance, ordering items your parents might need online and having these things shipped to your parents' house, setting up automatic bill paying for your mom and dad, and helping your sister keep track of their appointments.

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