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Plan a dinner at another family member's house to help your loved one cope with their feelings during the holidays.

Observing Special Days Difficult for Surviving Family

The unpredictability of life can leave seniors reeling. When sudden loss occurs, make sure there’s support and encouragement for those left behind.

If the water is too hot, set the water heater thermostat at low, which is usually about 120º for safety.

Scalding Water Can Pose Risks for Seniors

Older adults who are less mobile and prone to falls also are at risk of scalding. Suggestions from the Burn Foundation can help ensure that a senior is safer at home. So can a little help around the house.

Today, more seniors are using the computer to occupy their time on the Internet and communicate with family by e-mail.

Try to Keep Life Interesting For Homebound Senior Citizens

Seniors who find themselves confined to home and unable to do the things they have always loved are at increased risk of depression. A variety of resources can help, from computers to companionship.

It’s important that someone go with you to a doctor appointment to assist in your communication with a medical professional, especially if you have hearing difficulties.

Planning and Companionship Can Help Seniors at the Doctor’s

Seniors who have no one to accompany them to the doctor can be at a real disadvantage, especially if they are hard of hearing. Consider enlisting the help of a friend or professional CAREGiverSM if Mom or Dad needs to go to the doctor and you can’t be there.

You can never go wrong with a personal gift, like a scrapbook filled with photos and other family mementoes.

Personal Gifts Often the Most Popular for Father's Day

Perplexed about what to get Dad this Father's Day? It's sometimes difficult to buy for seniors, especially if they're no longer able to do what they may have enjoyed in their younger years. You can never go wrong with a personal gift, though, or even something that you make yourself.

Seniors who start exercising even at age 85 can live longer and healthier lives.

More Evidence Physical Activity a Plus for Seniors

If you need proof that exercise is a fountain of youth, check out the mounting research. If a senior loved one isn't convinced, call a friend – or CAREGiver – to provide that extra encouragement.

A number of studies have pointed to the fact that being socially active is a positive lifestyle for seniors and one that seems to lessen the impact of dementia.

Laid Back Socially Active Adults Do Best In Senior Years

A laid back personality can prevent stress from taking its toll on an older adult. Now there is evidence that relaxed personalities may have a lower risk of dementia, too. Make sure your senior is doing everything he or she can to stay active, even if it means hiring companionship help.

While it's been well substantiated that exercise can improve heart health, there's increasing evidence that physical activity can also impact the mind.

Exercise Helps Mind and Body

Much has been written about the benefits of exercise for mind and body. Sometimes all seniors need is someone to help motivate them.

A healthy diet including omega-3 fatty acids, can help protect the brain from Parkinson's disease.

Diet, Support Play Roles in Living with Parkinson's

A diagnosis of Parkinson's disease doesn't need to leave a senior and his or her family members dejected. Hope is on the horizon and support is available.

It's important to talk with your parents and siblings as soon as possible about care for a senior loved one.

Denial a Common Emotion for Family Caregivers

Caring for aging parents can put siblings at odds. Check out these tips about communicating with family members. And go to and to learn more.

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