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Part-time Work, Volunteering Help Keep Seniors Active, Fight Frailty

Seniors who keep busy working or volunteering may have discovered a fountain of youth. Research says there are benefits to both employment and volunteering. Staying healthy longer is one of them.


Activity Plan Can Brush Away Senior Blues

The death of a spouse can throw an older adult into turmoil and leave family members wondering how to help. According to senior care experts, providing ideas for activities, encouragement and support are the best ways to help a grieving loved one cope.

Past satisfaction with life, even if it's simply recalling isolated career accomplishments, is the key to happiness in our oldest years.

Reminiscing Helps Ward off Depression, Study Reveals

Remembering career accomplishments can help older adults maintain happiness in their senior years, according to research. Companionship and the assistance of a professional caregiver can be an important component of happiness throughout life as well.

Elderly woman on the computer

Making Friends with Your Computer

More seniors are becoming intrigued with internet technology and social networking tools such as Facebook. However, some older adults struggle with basic computer skills. Most communities have a variety of resources that can help seniors get connected and ensure they have the assistance they need to stay safe and independent at home.

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Arthritis Help and Research: Arthritis Education Series (7 of 7)

Carlo Rinaldi discusses the important work of the Arthritis Foundation, their programs and how they are empowering people with arthritis.

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Arthritis Coping and Support for Sufferers and Caregivers: Arthritis Education Series (6 of 7)

Mary Alexander discusses the tools available for caregivers and family of those suffering from arthritis.

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Prevention and Living with Arthritis: Arthritis Education Series (5 of 7)

Dr. Eric Otterberg discusses tips for preventing and living with arthritis.

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Common Arthritis Treatments: Arthritis Education Series (4 of 7)

Mary Alexander discusses the different types of treatments available to relieve arthritis symptoms.

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Arthritis Diagnosis and Doctor Care: Arthritis Education Series (3 of 7)

Dr. Eric Otterberg explains the types of diagnosis of arthritis and the kinds of medical specialists that can help.

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Symptoms and Warning Signs: Arthritis Education Series (2 of 7)

Mary Alexander of Home Instead Senior Care explains the symptoms of different types of arthritis including Rheumatoid, Fibromyalgia and more.

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