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Useful Tips for Managing Medication: How to Help Your Senior Manage Medication (3 of 3)

Useful ways you can help your senior loved one get organized and avoid drug interactions and confusion about dosing.

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Future Caregivers Knowledge Base-Research Findings: Knowing is Caring (2 of 4)

Research findings in which 600 future family caregivers were surveyed to determine their level of knowledge and awareness when it comes to important information about their senior loved ones.

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Doctor and Medication Management: Knowing is Caring (3 of 4)

Aging parents who are seeing multiple doctors and receiving multiple medications may be at an increased risk for medication related problems.

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Information Management Tools and Resources: Knowing is Caring (4 of 4)

Learn about important medical documents, insurance information, and resources to assist with your senior's daily routines or an unexpected emergency.

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Knowing is Caring (1 of 4)

An introduction to the importance of knowing as much as you can about your senior's medications, doctors, medical appointments and other vital info.

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One Family's Tragedy - Video

Pharmacist Rob Albers tells the story of his 89-year-old dad, whose medication accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

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One Family's Tragedy

After 35 years as a pharmacist, Rob Albers was familiar with many of the medication risks that older adults face, from overdosing to improper medication use. But he wasn't prepared to see a medication mistake result in an accident that left his own father, John, paralyzed from the waist down.

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Special Considerations: Nutrition for Seniors (6 of 6)

If your senior loved ones can't get to the grocery store, there are a many of possibilities for help, depending on their living situation.

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What You Can Do to Help Your Senior Eat Right Part 2: Nutrition for Seniors (5 of 6)

Ways that you can help make cooking and eating more enjoyable for seniors with reduced taste and smell or who live alone.

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What You Can do to Help Your Senior Eat Right Part 1: Nutrition for Seniors (4 of 6)

Ten tips to help make your senior's trips to the grocery store more organized and productive.

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