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The Role of Home Care in Preventing Hospital Readmissions

Owners, health care professionals and Home Instead Senior Care clients discuss the important role that Home Instead has played in the lives of patients coming home from the hospital.

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The Emotions of Caregiving

Family members share their stories about how they became caregivers for their loved ones, and the stresses it can put on their lives, families, emotions, and physical well-being.

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How Caregivers can Handle Holiday Stress - What Seniors Need/Want for the Holidays (5 of 5)

Caring for a senior loved one can make the holidays more stressful for the caregiver. Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care offers a variety of tips to avoid and counter stress throughout the holiday season.

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Holiday Ideas for Seniors with Diminished Senses - What Seniors Want for the Holidays (4 of 5)

In this video, Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care offers holiday ideas for seniors with diminished senses. Engaging the other, non-diminished senses is key to increasing their enjoyment of the season.

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Make the Holidays Merry for Seniors - What Seniors Need/Want for the Holidays (3 of 5)

Simple things can make the holidays more enjoyable for seniors.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors - What Seniors Need/Want for the Holidays (2 of 5)

Intangible gifts, such as your time, can be very meaningful to seniors who have less of a need for more possessions.

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What Seniors Need/Want for the Holidays (1 of 5)

Holiday shopping for seniors can appear daunting because they usually appear to have everything they need. However, the intangible gifts can mean more to your senior than another gadget or pair of slippers.

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Alzheimer's Caregiver Concerns - Practical Alzheimer's Solutions (6 of 6)

Common concerns held by caregivers who have loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease or dementia include the financial costs associated with care and the physical toll it takes on their loved ones. This video discusses resources and strategies caregivers can look into to help with care of their loved ones.

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Managing Alzheimer's Delusions and Wandering - Practical Alzheimer's Solutions (5 of 6)

Delusions and wandering are issues commonly associated with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Delusions may include accusations of theft and paranoia. Wandering can be especially frightening. This video discusses some tips and strategies to minimize and plan around these two challenging aspects of dementia.

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How to Manage Frustrating Alzheimer's Symptoms - Practical Alzheimer's Solutions (4 of 6)

Managing the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease can be quite a challenge. A common symptom of Alzheimer's suffers is their propensity to say "no". Changes in the brain found in people with dementia can make it hard for them to understand what they are being asked. Try using some of the tips in this video to manage anger, frustration, and help turn a "no" into a "yes".

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