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Paying for Home Care: 3 Common Myths Busted

Paying for Home Care: 4 Common Myths Busted

5 Creative Ways to Gain Cooperation from a Senior with Dementia

Beyond Fall Prevention: 4 Lesser-Known Ways to Reduce Senior Hospitalizations

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Walking on Toes

Flexible walking patterns are important for older adults, and this exercise helps maintain strength while they walk.

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Heel Toe Walk

This exercise helps maintain balance while moving, like stepping to the side or over things.

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One Legged Stand

One legged stands are important for older adults to practice to maintain strength in their center of gravity.

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Heel Toe Raises

Heel toe raises help older adults improve the strength of their lower leg muscles which are important for balance during walking.

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Weight Shifts

Older adults need to maintain their center of gravity while they are walking. This exercise helps to strengthen the area around their belly button.

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Side Leg Raises

Side leg raises help to improve the strength of the hips and legs.

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